Dr. Darold Treffert

Dr. Darold Treffert is the world’s expert on all types of savants. This site features further details about the research, lectures, and works of Dr. Treffert. For the latest updates on Savant Syndrome, please visit Dr. Treffert’s Web site maintained through the Wisconsin Medical Society.

Henny Kupferstein

Henny specializes in teaching non-verbal students to sight-read music for piano in the classical tradition. She is a consultant to parents and educators on the subjects of music, perfect pitch, autism, and sensory integration.

Podcast of Why Music Therapy Matters for the Special-Needs Student

Susan Rancer and Henny Kupferstein at the Commonwealth Club, August 24, 2015.

The American Music Therapy Association

The website of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)

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